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Tryntje Seymour was born and raised in Greenwich Village in New York City, but has made the Southwest her second home for 40 years.  During college summers she worked at Tuweep -- a remote area of Grand Canyon -- with the legendary National Park Ranger John Riffey and his wife Meribeth.  After graduation from Smith College, Seymour moved to Flagstaff, AZ, where she worked for a while at the Museum of Northern Arizona.  She then took field trips around the Southwest interviewing Native American artists and studying museum collections.  These trips resulted in two books:  When the Rainbow Touches Down and The Gift of Changing Woman.  During this time she also served as a guest curator at The Heard Museum and a judge at Santa Fe Indian Market.
As an artist, Seymour has used her Southwest field trips to develop her landscape painting.  She works primarily in oils and charcoal in studies of desert canyons and sculptural rock walls, exploring light and shadow to evoke place.  Initially self-taught, Seymour later worked withartist mentors and teachers at the Art Students League, the Institute for Ecosystem Studies, and the Washington Art Association, including Lloyd Kiva New and Patty Keville Fogle.
Seymour's black-and-white photographs are featured in four limited-edition small-press publications (Dylan Thomas' New York; Owen Wister's Medicine Bow; Acoma; and Laugharne).  Once a year she conducts an eight-day archeology raft trip for Grand Canyon Expeditions through the Grand Canyon.  She has driven her classic chartreuse-green (with white vinyl top) '74 Buick Apollo, "Margarita," for thirty years on her road trips in the Southwest, visiting Apache, Navajo and Hopi country.  She enjoys camping in favorite national parks such as Capitol Reef and exploring red rock country with friends. 


Her artwork has been shown in Connecticut, New York and Utah.  She won the Escalante Canyons Art Festival Best of Show Mixed Media Award in 2009 and the Festival's Award of Merit in 2008.

About the Artist

On Location

The artist’s field painting gear set up on a dirt road near Bluff, Utah.

Her 1974 Buick on location with a clipboard holding the plein air drawing leaning against the fender of the car, with the buttes portrayed in the drawing in the background.

Tryntje sitting on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon shortly after sunset, holding her just completed drawing.


Southwest Landscapes

Still Lifes